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VRML 1.0 to VRML97 Converter for PC

Date added : 29-Jun-2007
Rating :
File size : Unknown
Language : English
License : Shareware - Time Limit
Price : $ 24.95
OS : Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP/VISTA
UpdateDate : 29-Jun-2007
Requirements : No special requirements
shareware-order, VRML 1.0 to VRML97 Converter for PC downloads
Download VRML 1.0 to VRML97 Converter for PC

VRML 1.0 to VRML97 Converter for PC's Information

How it works

vrml1to97.exe [options] source [destination]

Source: specifies the file to be converted. To supply a file from standard input, specify a dash (-) for source. Destination: specifies the filename for the new file. If omitted, standard output is assumed.

-o, --output=filename Uses filename for destination.
-w, --overwrite Overwrites an existing file.
-i, --indent="CHARS" Uses CHARS for indentation. The default is tab character.
-h, --help Displays a brief summary of vrml1to97 command-line syntax.
-v, --version Displays the version number.

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VRML 1.0 to VRML97 Converter for PC's Screenshot

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VRML 1.0 to VRML97 Converter for PC's Reviews
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More Products from VRML 1.0 to VRML97 Converter for PC's Company
1.Cortona Movie Maker 29/Jun/2007
Rating :
Cortona Movie Maker is easy-to-use software for capturing video and creating screenshots from interactive animated 3D/VRML scenes. It records all the actions performed in the 3D window to produce smooth top quality video or hi-resolution images.
2.VrmlPad 2.1 Upgrade 29/Jun/2007
Rating :
If you have puchased Vrmlpad 1.3/1.2/1.0 from, yоu can order the upgrade to VrmlPad 2.0 from Regnow. When you complete this online order form, you will need to specify the purchase reference code from your previous version of VrmlPad. Otherwise, the order cannot be completed.
3.VrmlPad v. 2.1 29/Jun/2007
Rating :
VrmlPad is a professional editor for VRML programming.

Key features:

- Smart AutoComplete

- Dynamic errors detection

- Visual support for the scene tree operations

- Integrated script debugger

- Routing map

- Operations on resources

- Ability to preview the VRML scene

- Automation and scripting

- Publishing wizard

New features in VrmlPad 2.1 include:

- Preview of individual nodes

- Node thumbnails

- Saving workspace arrangements

4.Extrusion Editor 29/Jun/2007
Rating :
Extrusion Editor, a visual plug-in for ParallelGraphics VrmlPad, offers you an effective method for creating and editing extrusion models.

Key features:

  • - Visual support for every step in the creation of extrusions;
  • - Ability to create the cross-sections and spines based on spline curves,
  • - Advanced interactive texture mapping,
  • - Ability to assemble created extrusions in complex models,
  • - Expandable library of extrusions,
  • - Full VRML97-compliance.
Extrusion Editor allows you to create extrusion models from scratch or edit existing models.
It offers you a variety of drawing algorithms for the spine and cross-section path which include:
  • - Drawing a series of connected vertices one by one,
  • - Drawing spline curves,
  • - The use of pre-defined forms (rectangle, octagon, oval, etc).
The editing abilities allow you to:
  • - Move, scale, flip and rotate the spine and cross-section,
  • - Add/remove the vertices,
  • - Control the smoothness of the curves.
All changes are immediately displayed in the 3D window.

Texture mapping
Extrusion Editor allows you to move, scale, rotate, and filp the texture.

You can assemble extrusions in complex models and perform editing operations on the group of shapes.

Library of extrusions
You can add new extrusions to the pre-built library and insert their code into VrmlPads text editor.

5.Internet Space Builder 29/Jun/2007
Rating :
(ISB) is a user-friendly authoring tool suitable for designers of all levels. With ISB, creating 3D models for the Web is now easier than ever before.

Key features: Intuitive building metaphor: designing of complex 3D objects from simple elements by merely adding and cutting. Interactive textures editing and mapping. Internet compatibility: Internet addresses can be linked to the objects, and the final scenes can be published on the Web. Friendly interface - no programming required, visual support for all operations! Comprehensive pre-built galleries - more than 1000 samples of textures, 3D-objects, scenes, landscapes and pictures!
Copyright (c) 2007-2009 Inc. All Right reserved.

VRML 1.0 to VRML97 Converter for PC Download

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