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Demolition Derby & Figure 8 Race

Publisher : Auxiliary Power, Inc.
Date added : 28-Nov-2001
Rating :
File size : Unknown
Language : English
License : Shareware - Time Limit
Price : $ 19.95
OS : Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP/VISTA
UpdateDate : 08-Jun-2007
Requirements : No special requirements
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Demolition Derby & Figure 8 Race's Information

For years people have been clamoring for a demolition derby game that is true to the sport. No power ups. No killing pedestrians. Just a real demolition derby simulation. Cars crashing, stalling, restarting, flipping, denting, engines smoking and steaming in a way that puts you right in the driver's seat. This is that game.

This is a list of some of the features of the release version of the game:

- Cars dent where you hit them

- Realistic physics make the cars drive like real cars

- Over 50 AI drivers based on real demolition derby drivers to drive against

- 11 different car body styles including compact, full size, station wagons and a hearse

- 9 different tracks to drive on

- Supports up to 8 player multiplayer games over LAN or the Internet

- Allows you to use steering wheels including support for force feedback

- With real drivers and officials consulting on the game, this is as close as it gets to being there.

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Demolition Derby & Figure 8 Race's Screenshot

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Demolition Derby & Figure 8 Race's Reviews
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1.Demolition Derby & Figure 8 Race 28/Nov/2001
Rating :
A realistic and simple smashing and driving game that is fun for the whole family.
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