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Sonar Screensaver

Publisher : Xander Zerge
Date added : 22-Jun-2007
Rating :
File size : 2.63 M
Language : English
License : Shareware - Time Limit
Price : $ 19.95
OS : Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP/VISTA
UpdateDate : 27-Oct-2009
Requirements : 128MB RAM,10 MB of hard-disk space for program installion.
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Sonar Screensaver's Information

Place fantastic sonar to your desktop and turn your PC into fabulous underwater outpost. Watch for vessels and submarines, listen sounds from sea, immerse yourself into the deep of ocean magic.This screensaver continues and extends the ideas, its predecessor Radar Screensaver based upon. In contrast to it, Sonar Screensaver simulates other side of nature the world below sealevel.

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Sonar Screensaver's Reviews
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More Products from Sonar Screensaver's Company
1.Radar Screensaver 01/Jul/2007
Rating :
Turn your PC into the fabulous radar station outpost, watching the skies for native aircrafts and alien flying objects. This the most realistic radar simulation illustrates old-style radar screen combined with sci-fi detection system. Just let your computer look like doing something useful, when you are doing nothing!
2.Web Form Anti-Spam 17/Jul/2007
Rating :
The utility converts HTML code into the form unreadable by spam bots but also understandable for Internet browsers, so the web-page visitors will notice no difference from the original unprotected web form, making anti-spam protection user-friendly.
3.Flaredance Screensaver 22/Jun/2007
Rating :
Enjoy the bright, loud and festive action, attractive for people of all ages! Watch the fireworks, listen booming sound of launched rocket, wait a little and get your face illuminated with impressive explosion at the high... This screensaver will also let you look from inside of the fireworks with a camera flying through the explosions.
4.Sonar Screensaver 22/Jun/2007
Rating :

Fantastic sci-fi screensaver, looking slightly similar to Radar Screensaver, will bring the cold magic of still waters from ocean deeps to your desktop. Watch for automated sonar detector operation dropped far away, displaying and identifying various objects, visible at sonar screen, listen sounds of ocean, like whale songs, underwater ambience or silent movement of invisible submarine...

5.Gyrodrome Screensaver 22/Jun/2007
Rating :

This simple and beauty animation will show you several rings, rotating by conceptually simple rules, but nevertheless, producing enduring and unique animation for your PC. There are lot of settings to adjust it for your aesthetic style, and replace of boring black screen for the moments when you decided to take a break...

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